Frequently asked questions

What markings are already in the scores?

Most titles have been used in performance with professional orchestras and therefore most mistakes have been corrected. In addition, they each have penciled bowings already marked. Each selection will come with one conductor's score, one of each wind/brass/percussion part, and an agreed upon string count. Specific questions can be directed to the Midwest Music Services Librarian at

How long is the rental?

The rentals are for three months with extensions available for an additional fee. Please let the Midwest Music Services Librarian know your specific circumstances.

Do I need to return the scores clean?

No. However, only reasonable markings in pencil which contribute to the music are allowed. Scribbling or irrelevant markings will result in a penalty charge.

I need a few extra parts, can I order them from you?

Yes. We provide one of each part, except string parts which generally will be 8 Violin 1, 7 Violin 2, 6 Viola, 5 Cello, and 4 Bass parts. Additional parts are avaialable at a charge of $5 each.

My concert has been rescheduled, what should I do?

If this happens, please contact the Librarian at Since each situation will be slightly different, the librarian will give you a quote.

Can I request a score for you to add to your library?

Yes! We accept requests however they are not guraranteed. Please contact the Librarian with specifics.

Do you accept sheet music donations?

Yes, we accept donations with approval from Midwest Music Services. Please contact the Librarian with the specifics of your donation.

Something is wrong or missing in my rental, who do I contact?

Please contact the music librarian at